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Racism is Cookin’ Up on the Grill

When perceived racism heats up in Oakland park Continue reading

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Thoughts of the Absurd (1)

Sometimes I can hardly believe what I read Continue reading

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A Cute Mistake

Back in 1994, my eight year old son wanted to help make dinner. That particular night he and I were going to have chicken with rice. I left him alone for a few minutes and soon, he came to me … Continue reading

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Those were the days

Facebook today reminds me of my childhood; growing up in Casaprota, Italy. Every summer the train of clabularius filled with slaves and gladiators would make its way through my town to the Colosseum in Roma. My mother and I would … Continue reading

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Facebook Rant

My bitch today has to do with some guy that is “feeling frustrated” because Mohammed Ali (who passed away June 3, 2016) is getting more TV time than the Blue Angels pilot, Capt. Jeff Kuss that crashed in Tennessee 1 … Continue reading

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Who is the Liar?

If I told you I live on an island within a huge castle with four servants that catered to my every whim; If I said I drove a mighty horse-drawn chariot that protected me from the outer evils of dragons … Continue reading

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Is there an “Expiration Date” on Capitalism?

I do not think I could effectively explain the information overload I have experienced recently on the state of our country’s economy and the inevitable effect it has on its citizens; which of course includes me. My overall reaction to … Continue reading

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