Thoughts of the Absurd (1)

There are never enough silly and whacked out things said on Internet.  In fact, the boundaries of what is said by people that think they have something intelligent to say are practically non-existent.

My state legislators passed some bill recently that allowed funding of abortions through Medicaid and other state issued health plans.  In essence, that means that my tax dollars will help pay for abortions; and I do not approve of abortions.  My state government says they don’t care what I want, but they really don’t care about anything I want anyway.

A woman on the social media giant, Facebook made a comment to this story; to paraphrase, she acknowledged that abortions are legal, and women have that choice, but in her opinion if a woman chooses to have an abortion, she believes she should pay for it; not the state.  The comment garnered 40+ likes, and in the social media world and the small reach this statement had, that is a reasonably well amount of likes.  One of my progressive left FB acquaintances (using the word Friend or even Facebook Friend is not a title I would give to most of these people), replied with the following;

“But state funded medical care for pre-natal care, birth and then adding another person into the pool is way costlier. If money is the issue–safe abortion is a big savings! Abortion is probably cheaper than contraception. My first choice would be 100% contraception coverage and money for education programs.”

There you have it.  A safe abortion is a big savings!  Like dealing a discount on a car, or finding a good price for eggs on grocery day!  I can debate the subject of abortion all day, and find myself all jumbled and befuddled in the discussion; but this bonehead is comparing the cost of a life and the cost of ending that life, and has determined the abortion is cheaper in the long run.  Let’s not stop there, how about we do unsafe abortions and knock off the woman while we’re at it, and save money in the long run on welfare.

Thank you for reading… sometimes I can hardly believe what I read.

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