Facebook Rant

My bitch today has to do with some guy that is “feeling frustrated” because Mohammed Ali (who passed away June 3, 2016) is getting more TV time than the Blue Angels pilot, Capt. Jeff Kuss that crashed in Tennessee 1 day prior. (And then a bunch of my FB friends need to share the same post; which BTW when you share a post without comment means they are sympathetic or agree with the post.)  Apparently, Capt. Kuss directed his failing aircraft away from civilians and crashed into a field where he was fatally injured.  Yes, he was a brave man.

Well, my “frustration” with this is that I have a hard time believing that anyone alive thinks a celebrity’s death will get less TV air time than ANYONE else’s death, including police officers, military people, or the hundreds of victims shot in Chicago this month. The fact that someone thinks this and then takes the time to type it out… blows my feeble mind.

Rule #1 in our society is the bigger the celebrity that died, the more TV air time he/she will get. PERIOD! THAT’S IT!! I didn’t make the rule, that’s how it is. DEAL WITH IT! Frustrated my ass.

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