Who is the Liar?

If I told you I live on an island within a huge castle with four servants that catered to my every whim; If I said I drove a mighty horse-drawn chariot that protected me from the outer evils of dragons and trolls.

Would you call ME a LIAR?  If it is my view of the truth is it a lie?  EVEN if what I believe to be true is remotely a fantasy… isn’t that still MY TRUTH?

Or is it your judgement of me?  By calling ME a LIAR.  Of which, since you deny me of MY TRUTH; YOU are not speaking the truth and now have indicted YOURSELF the LIAR.
You might not believe me, but calling me a LIAR, a FIBBER, a DECEIVER, a  PREVARICATOR is only making YOU the one that CANNOT see MY TRUTH, my REALITY, my VERACITY.


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