Bad on you, adult person! I’m telling Everyone!

Something really obscene is going on with the so-called news… in my opinion.

Had these two events not happened within a couple days of each other, maybe I would not be as concerned as I am with these two events that I am about to harp on. Concentrated crap gets my attention; like the overly-large pile of poop I just evacuated that makes me wonder, “What the hell did I eat?” But that’s not the issue.

After I ate the first piece of internet news, it got caught in my throat and made me gag. I thought maybe there isn’t enough going on in the news; therefore the news’ space is filled with whatever someone can find happening and make a story out of it. This is referred to as a “slow news day.” A slow news day turns out to be a gratuitous disservice to the reading public. The editor-in-chief gives the story a catchy title, and the unknowing fools like me open the link to read a story so unworthy and total waste of everyone’s time. And that pisses me off right there! But there is more that irritates me here. This happened twice in one week. Factually, this happens all the time. I wish I had 100 examples to spew out loud about as long as I’m standing on this soapbox.

To be reasonable, let me explain where I get most of my news. I like to use the internet as my main source as a time-waster. When I check my email accounts to see if there are any other humans wanting to connect with me, I am usually distracted by the domain’s home page. My eyes skim the screen; registering each of the photos along the way. The eye-brakes squeal on provocative women or depictive tragedies. I then take in the associated headlines with the picture. If it seems interesting I might click on it, or I may continue searching for a more interesting tidbit. The following stories caught my attention;

Article number one; a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Officer verbally abuses a 15-year old girl. (Other headlines used verbs such as shame or harass.) I included the article here, but let me summarize. A male TSA agent (age undisclosed) working at the ticket check of a major airport made a comment to about a teenage girl apparently loud enough for her to hear. (OMG!) The teen immediately texted her daddy saying that a bad man said something to her about her attire. The article included a photo of the teen taken at the airport.

Here is the article;

A TSA officer at LAX recently broke both the keep-it-to-yourself and if-you-don’t-have-anything-nice-to-say rules simultaneously when he snapped at a 15-year-old girl about her outfit using a “hostile tone,” according to her father, and “glaring and mumbling” at her, according to the girl.

062013_0419_Badonyouadu1.jpgMark Frauenfelder — editor-in-chief of MAKE, founder of the website Boing Boing, and father to the girl — wrote a small piece about his daughter’s experience, as she told him it happened. She had been on a college tour with a group of other high school kids and he had not been with her, but her texts to him after the confrontation were enough to peeve any parent.

“Here’s what happened, as my daughter described it in text messages to us,” Mark wrote on Boing Boing. “She was at the station where the TSA checks IDs. She said the officer was ‘glaring’ at her and mumbling. She said, ‘Excuse me?’ and he said, ‘You’re only 15, COVER YOURSELF!’ in a hostile tone. She said she was shaken up by his abusive manner.”

Frank also includes a photo of his daughter in the outfit she was wearing at the time of the confrontation. Long black leggings, a tank top, and a flannel button-down doesn’t look that outrageous to us. The leggings are tight (as leggings are), the flannel is open, and the tank top is showing about an inch of tummy between the shirt and the top of the leggings, but aside from that and her neck, everything else is covered. She looks pretty comfy for her plane ride, that’s for sure.

Mark goes on to explain that he and his wife had met with the TSA at LAX about the incident and assured them that they would be investigating the issue.

There are those of us who see teens on the street and think to ourselves that perhaps their outfits are a bit too tight, too shiny, too low, too high, or make them look like they belong in a profession that isn’t suitable for a child their age. But we don’t say anything. Why? Because it’s none of our business!

Every time I read this I get ill.

  1. Is this news? No, it is not. It is a localized event between two people where one person allegedly said something that the other person did not like. That’s not news. If you have a problem with a TSA officer, tell it to the TSA officer’s supervisor.
  2. How orderly, polite, and responsive is a group of spoiled high school girls in an airport? Surely, they were not being rude, noisy, or inconsiderate to the nearby public including the TSA agents. I envision a possible different scenario. A bunch of chatty girls, all giddy with part-excitement that they are flying somewhere to visit colleges and part-annoyance at having to wait in line and be scrutinized to see IDs. The TSA agent (and I have witnessed annoyed TSA agents before) probably had to get their attention and remind them to have their IDs and boarding passes ready. I can imagine a rude comment or two thrown at the agent, who tossed one back… mumbling under his breath, and the snotty 15-year old, daddy’s girl said in a rude manner, “Excuuuuuse me?” And then the agent spoke his mind. OH, the abuse!
  3. Was it abusive? No, gimme a break.
  4. Was the girl dressed inappropriately? Yes, but who the hell is going to agree with me on that? Tight, form-fitting leggings complete with round buttocks and possible camel-toe. I doubt she had on that flannel shirt covering her wannabe, big girl cleavage and who knows how nippily it might have been. We live in a society of unharnessed sexual misunderstandings and signals. Girls can definitely dress to allure men, but if men should look “wantonly” or say anything with intent to suggest; they are judged as perverts and offensive. If you look crossed-eyed at a teen and you can be a sex offender.

Better yet, ladies, just put on some suggestive-covering clothes and maybe you won’t be judged by some guy with different sense of value that has probably seen enough inappropriately dressed teens for a lifetime. The guy could’ve been a pervert instead and ogled at her, giving him daydreams with Rosy palm and her five sisters in the third stall down during his afternoon break.

  1. Is what a teenager wears really none of our business? No, it IS our business. Ask Disney. Ask the airline industry. Ask the public school system. Ask around, people; look at your teen and tell me you don’t care what they wear. And then are we to keep our mouths shut when we see other disgraces? Of course, not. If she wore see through clothes, someone would say she was indecent. If she wore a T-shirt with something naughty on it; the airlines would not allow her to board. WTF? What gives anyone the right to say something about someone else? Answer; when they believe they need to say something!
  2. And what the hell is “Boing-Boing”?

Article number two; a second grade class photograph shows a wheelchair-bound classmate off to the side. Parents of the boy in the wheelchair are outraged with the school and photographer.

Here is the article;

A photo makings its rounds on the Internet has sparked controversy involving a disabled boy. While we like to believe there was no malicious intent behind this photo, but it’s still heartbreaking.

062013_0419_Badonyouadu2.jpgA Canadian second grader with spinal muscular atrophy was forced to sit off to the size during his class photo.

“I couldn’t comprehend how the photographer could look through the lens and think that this was good composition,” Miles Ambridge’s mom Anne Belanger told the Toronto Star. “This just boggled the mind.”

Belanger also does not believe this was a malicious act, but rather that there just wasn’t much thinking behind it.

Miles, who looks extremely happy in the photo, is also leaning to his right – to be closer to his classmates his parents believe.

“For some reason it makes me feel even worse that he’s so happy in the picture,” Miles’ dad, Don Ambridge, said. “I think it’s because he’s still innocent … He’s still naïve to how other people can treat him.”

Belanger said she did not show the photo to her 7-year-old son.

“Look at the angle that he was in. He wants to be part of the gang so much.”

Miles’ school, Herbert Spencer Elementary School said it will no longer be employing the photography company for its services.

Every time I read this I get ill, again.

  1. Is this news? No, it is not. It is a picture of an unfortunate kid in SECOND GRADE along with his classmates and teacher. I can say “unfortunate,” can’t I? Can we possibly find the outrage among the millions of second grade class photos on this planet? My second grade photo was awful; that within itself should be newsworthy… not to mention criminal!
  2. Is the photo heartbreaking? Hell, no!
  3. Is the kid being harmed, bullied, or abused here? No, the kid looks happy and that was even noted in the article. He’s leaning in, good for him!! He knows he is included. He’s leaning in; FGS! He was not forced to do anything.
  4. How could this happen? Very easily. Look at the raised platform the other kids are posing on. Now, look at the size of the wheelchair! It is huge!! Somebody put the child in the wheelchair AS CLOSE AS they could next to the platform. Look! Where else is the wheelchair going to fit in this picture? On top? In front? UGH! I can imagine a photo with 4-wheels smack dab in the center, and some other mother complaining the mobile kid gets all the attention distracting away from HER bundle of joy. Right?  The photographer and the teachers may have collectively thought, “What if we take the kid out of the wheelchair?  Oh wait, we could get sued if we touch him wrong, hurt him, or drop him… oh no, we can’t do that!”
  5. Was it inhumane or slightly degrading? No, gimme a break.
  6. How could this kid’s mother and step-dad have been satisfied? Give them the phone number to a good Canadian lawyer. The parents of Miles are oversensitive victims in this cruel insensitive world; and nothing will relieve them of having a son born with a disability. They want retribution. They are the type of people who will go out of their way to find buildings and public washrooms not remodeled to the specifications and codes set by Canada’s Human Rights Act that prohibits any discrimination of people with disabilities.
  7. The photographer lost a job. A person’s income… food, shelter, clothing… reduced because some parents feel the composition of a photograph was heartbreaking. Very sad.

What is up in Denmark? I don’t know but it is rotten. Liberal writers are grasping unto non-sensational events and twisting the stories into thinking it is something we (the reader) should actually care about… should feel sorry for… feel compassion, or sympathy. It is simply garbage-writing and they are writing garbage stories. But I am not going to give the writers less than half the credit for this gross form of journalism. Who the heck are these so-called adults that think the alleged little personal mistreatment towards their precious kids is so insanely necessary to have some journalist plaster it on the internet?

To the defense of those involved with these news stories and many stories like it; it matters to them.  It matters to the parents of the kids and it matters to the kids and it matters to those who have to deal with the parents and kids.  They need to feel and deal with the maleficence.  But, stories aren’t written objectively anymore and everything deemed wayward is made everybody’s business.  And I exaggerate excessively!

I am perplexed as to how these two stories got “print.” This seems to me to be that stamp of utter chaos within the minds of the populous. In my mind’s-eye, I see millions of mindless people who will follow any one banging a drum. The greatest injustice to society is falling for the irresponsible notion that we must believe in what we read as the vital truth; that we stone the innocent because it is popular and quick; that we expect every even slightly higher authority than themselves to be a machine, and that machine MUST do everything right and do it invisibly.  It appears we are begging for our 15 minutes of fame and now we will grab it at the expense of anyone, e.g., TSA agents, and school photographers.  And I deplore that mentality…

And I have one last question;

What is “Boing-Boing”?

Follow-up to the second article; the class photo was retaken because of the “outrage.”  Here’s a quote from the follow-up, “I couldn’t comprehend how the photographer could look through the lens and think that [the original picture] was good composition. … [T]his just boggled the mind,” said mother Anne Belanger, per the Toronto Star. “Being picked on and being set aside is horrendous and this was what was happening.”

So, before Anne saw nothing malicious happening… just not much thought.  NOW, the mom claims her kid WAS IN FACT being picked on and being set aside!  HORRENDOUS!!  In this case, I don’t know who is more disgusting.  The parents got their 15 minutes of fame on the Today Show.   I rest my case.

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