My Company’s Pot Luck

Today (in about 30 minutes from now) about 2 dozen folks that I work with will converge to layout a spread of food from which we shall graze.  Oddly, I have read the articles that warn against such events.
No one knows the sanitary conditions of Susie’s kitchen. Who knows how long Amy’s meat paddies sat on the counter before cooking.  Who knows what Maria’s taste is in her seasonings.
And here I am, thinking I will contribute a dish, with my own issues to be concerned about.  A meat dish.  That was the request.  A meat dish I found a recipe for in the Internet.  Something I’ve never made before, and never even tasted before.  Here I am.  The owner of four dogs that shed more hair daily than a sheep farm.  Here I am; testing my limits of cooking potatoes, a fine art I figured out I have no right dabbling in.  Here I am; presenting an unknown meat dish cooked this very morning with an overload and unbalanced mix of milk and eggs.
Thank goodness I brought a bucket of Hawaiian Salad from the Jewel deli as backup.

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