The Killing of Osama

Our amazing country’s leaders simply cannot decide if capital punishment is viable.  35 of our 50 states in our union have put someone to death since 1976.  Texas continues to lead all the states with 474 executions or 37.4% of all planned deaths during the same time period.  Virginia is the runner-up with a distant 109.  In 2011, 35 states allow and mostly implement death by the most popular method; lethal injection.

During the a short period between 1972 and 1976, the US Supreme Court suspended all death sentences in the US because of case that argued capital punishment is cruel and unusual.  Apparently, they have since changed their collective minds.  Publicly, if you hold any stock in polls, the current numbers say that 64% of American voters are in favor of the death penalty.  The highest level of support was recorded at 80% in 1994, and the lowest at 42% in 1966.  Which goes to figure; the sixties was the ‘peace and love’ movement, while the ninties brought us the highest violent crime rates of the twentieth century.

I bring this up because of what appears to be a conflict with having capital punishment or not.  Another Gallup poll stated that more than 9 in 10 Americans still say “yes” when asked the basic question “Do you believe in God?”… a God.  That is very impressive.  Belief in a God or higher power is a major component to “good” moral thinking.  Right?  Good moral thinking may not necessarily be an automatic deterrent to the death penalty, BUT one would think it would guide people away from things like debauchery and all kinds of homicide.

On May 2, 2011 (shortly after 1 AM, Pakistan Standard Time), the founder of Al-Qaeda, the jihadist organization responsible for the September 11 attacks on the United States and numerous other mass-casualty attacks against civilian and military targets, Osama bin Laden was located and killed by US Navy SEALS.

The media had a field day, of course.  The politicians puffed out their chests and claimed a major victory on the ‘war on terror.’  Another poll, which is meaningless said that 79% of Americans approved of this killing and 14% did not.  The remaining 7% was undecided; confused perhaps.  (What’s messed up about this poll is that the fine print states that the poll results came from “1200 to 1300 readers of Rueters” in the Washington, DC area.)  The dancing in the American streets was shown on the nightly news.  We looked liked Middle Eastern nations when they gather to fire machine guns into the air, stomp on American flags and burn effigies of our leaders.

Our pledge of allegiance to the United States of America boldly ends with “…liberty and justice for all.

All except for those that perpetrate crimes against us; especially if you come from a Middle Eastern Country.

Looking back at 2003…

Saddam Hussein was captured by US troops.  He was tried in a court and put to death by hanging for the atrocities commited against the people of the nation he supposedly led.  Why didn’t the US troops just shoot him on site?  What would have happened if they did?  We knew he was guilty, yet he spent 18 months in a courtroom before he was found guilty.  He was sentenced to be hanged and he was executed within a month of sentencing!!  That’s fast by today’s standards in America.

Back to now…

We are dancing in the streets for killing Osama Bin Laden.  Was it in defense?  Shoot to kill.  Is that what we as a nation are about?

Good Morning America showed the graphic pictures of the bloody scene with no “warning of graphic content” and described a method used by the seals; a “double-tap”… shotting the target a second time in the head “to make certain he’s dead.”

In Illinois, Gov. Quinn abolished the death penalty.  Murderers get to live a life paid for by Illinois taxpayers.  The media sensationalized the gruesome attack and killing.  And I thought justice was giving the bad guy a chance to defend himself.

Believe me, I don’t like Bin Laden.  News reports said he shot back at the US special team with a machine gun.  We shot him in a “firefight”.  Bin Laden must be the worse shooter on the planet.  But it was also said, they were told to kill him.  The description was he was hit in the eye… I think that would have slowed him down, if not killed him.  The second shot was the “double-tap.”  No capture, no courtrooms, no delays… dead!

It reads like a Sopranos-style hit.  Go in ~~ surprise.  Kill the target; and make sure he is dead.  Grab the body, and get out of there before being detected.  And then, give him a pair of cement shoes and he swims with the fishes.

I heard Osama’s brain was sent to the states for testing??  Did anyone else hear that?  Maybe there will be a movie about this……..


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